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Al-Thiqa Pharma for Import was established in 2015

8+ Years Experience

plays a key role in distributing medicines imported from international manufacturing companies

About Us

With us, expect more than just a pharmacy.

Al-Thiqa Pharma for Import was established in 2015, and since that date, Al-Thiqa Pharma has become one of the most important companies responsible for trading and distributing medical preparations inside the country. Under a policy that guarantees efficiency and fairness in providing medicine to all citizens throughout the Republic. Al-Thiqa Pharma is considered one of the largest importers and distributors of medicine in Yemen, in addition to being the company entrusted with the responsibility of importing the country’s needs of internationally monitored medicines. It also plays a key role in distributing medicines imported from international manufacturing companies, which ensures a strong selling lineup for its customers, including hospitals, treatment agencies and institutions, health insurance, private and governmental pharmacies, and so on.
We seek that Al-Thiqa Pharma be one of the most vital institutions in Yemen for medical and pharmaceutical marketing, with its distinction in the innovative approach to marketing and distribution, and its possession of distinguished experience in dealing with local and international markets. Our team relies on the experiences of young people, competence, enthusiasm and spirit of work day after day in the spirit of one team. Through this definition, we will explain some of our ambitions, information about Al-Thiqa Pharma and provide you with possible means of communication with our work by finding new business strategies and achieving the highest sales and the best marketing for the month of your products. Pharmaceutical and medical. We have a strong team and a solid structure.

We assure customer satisfaction with personal care.


Applying international marketing standards while taking into account all strategic aspects of the brand in the Yemeni and international markets to ensure a mutual profit relationship for each of our agencies and customers


⦁ Support and meet the needs of the medical community through:⦁ Thoughtful development to achieve the required sales and marketing programs that often exceed the desired goal. ⦁ Assign powerful selling strategies to each client, following proven, repeatable procedures that ensure consistent success over time. ⦁ Establishing and maintaining some kind of relationships with decision makers in all major sales branches and opinion-makers. ⦁ Building a good reputation for high industrial efficiency, professionalism, and high ethics. ⦁ Developing scientific communication with medical professionals through updating scientific resources, conferences, lectures, and meetings. ⦁ Striving towards completing the geographical distribution project for customers, which leads to improved service and customer satisfaction ⦁ Increase customer coverage while improving distribution service and following GDP rules ⦁ Improving the sales mix by following the supply chain system and central purchasing ⦁ Opening new branches for more coverage while improving the quality of service ⦁ Seeking more contracts with new suppliers⦁ Developing warehouses and following modern storage methods (GSP) to keep the medicine safe and effective ⦁ Using the ERP system to link the company's sectors, control inventory, and maximize profitability ⦁ Paying attention to labor training and raising the efficiency of managers and workers, as the human element is one of the most important elements of the company

A pharmacy with world-class service.

Al-Thiqa Pharma distributes medicines, personal care products, and medical supplies to more than a thousand customers from wholesale and retail merchants, pharmacy chains, and public and private hospitals, in addition to its active participation in bids for the supply of medicines and medical products. Al-Thiqa Pharma relies on a highly efficient system to manage the supply and supply system to deliver the needs of points of sale and consumption to all governorates of the Republic of Yemen.

Hospital supply

The hospital sector is specialized in meeting all the needs of the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, health insurance clinics, health affairs directorates in the governorates, in addition to specialized medical centers, educational hospitals, the treatment institution, as well as private and investment hospitals.

Hospital health center blood donation area. Medical transfusion treatment. Hematologic

With us, expect more than just a important companies responsible for trading and distributing medical.

Head Office

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